An Acceptance!

(Originally posted February 2015)

An Acceptance!

I received great news yesterday. A creative non-fiction essay I wrote, called Counting Stars, will be featured on the Brain, Child Magazine blog sometime this March or April! I have been trying to get my poetry published with Brain, Child for a good year now with no luck. This is the first creative non-fiction piece I’ve EVER submitted. Anywhere. I was a bit floored when I got the email telling me it was accepted.

A word on rejection, at least in my experience. It is hard. It is soul-crushing at times. You work so hard, for so long, and send off this piece of yourself only to have dozens, (or hundreds?) of people either not “fall in love” (words I’ve heard from several agents regarding my women’s fiction manuscript), or downright hate it. It is difficult to not take that on. For every acceptance I’ve had, where someone was willing to publish something I’ve written (or even pay or reward me) I’ve gotten fifty more rejections. I swear, I’m not a masochist. I’m just a writer, who is hoping to see my name in print.

With that all out there, I’m going to dwell in the happy that is good news, and positive words on my work. Some day I will get that wonderful news regarding my novel. And someday my poetry. And someday, who knows what else.

Today, I celebrate this victory. Thank you, BC!


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