Publishing Update

Whew! I’ve been busy working on getting Ditch Flowers in tip top shape for publication. Here’s what has happened thus far:

-My editor went through and helped me see a bunch of problems with the structure and how it could be smoother (thanks, Cardner!) and I spent two weeks revising. She was so right. And she caught tons of little mistakes/oversights. But it was daunting getting through it. I spent three days just staring at the words (and the spreadsheet she gave me- colorcoded!) just trying to figure out HOW in the world I was going to do this. There was a lot of time there where I thought every change I made was a mistake and made the story worse. But I was wrong and somehow it all magically came together. Okay, so it wasn’t magic. It was a lot of freaking work!

-After that, it was on to copyedits. My copyeditor fixed every comma, every dialogue mistake, every period. It was difficult going through that in a totally different way. I am not the strongest when it comes to punctuation and grammar (er, as I’m sure some of you might find in little mistakes here), so it was eye-opening to see a lot of it fixed in track changes for me. I went though and approved or disapproved of her suggestions and changes. That took about three days.

-Within the span of the last month, I’ve probably re-read my entire novel another six times. That’s a LOT! And each time I’d read it and fix things, I’d be so grateful nobody was going to see the older versions because they really are weak. It’s humbling, because when I was querying agents, I thought my novel was the best it could be. But I was wrong. But I’m thankful Penner took a chance on me, and could see beyond the mess to what the book could be. Really, I’m beyond happy about that.

-As of now, I’ve sent the front and back matter, along with the copyedited version, and the proofreader is going through those. I’m not certain how long that will take, but I would think within a couple weeks we will be on to the next step. Which is….

COVER ART!!!!!!!!!

Is it obvious I’m excited? Because I totally am.

Working at a library gives me a chance all the time to see such beautiful, stunning, simple, striking, touching covers. I have a vision in my head of what my cover art will be, but ultimately it is up to the designer and my publisher. I was able to make detailed suggestions and give examples of covers I really like. Hopefully when it all comes together it’s something that works beautifully! I have confidence it’ll be great.

And the BEST bit of news? We have an estimated release date of September 14th, 2015! I wasn’t expecting the book out before December so to hear it’s sooner is just thrilling. I’m nervous. I’m jittery. I’m happy. I can’t wait to share with the world.

Here’s hoping I have more news soon 🙂



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