Book Review: Altered by Kelly Cain


Liv is a young woman in her a first semester of law school. When her fiancé abruptly breaks things off, Liv is heart-broken.

Enter Nicholas, a classmate who is so withdrawn that he is an enigma to everyone around him. Nicholas is unusually young and unusually quiet, and keeps his past a tightly guarded secret.

While Liv is still reeling from her break up, Nicholas begins appearing in her life and coming to her rescue. Intrigued and grateful to this quiet young man, Liv becomes determined to unravel the mystery of who Nicholas is.

I knew I was going to read Altered from the time I heard the synopsis. It just sounded like something I’d enjoy. Though I’ve never read NA, that I can recall, I am fond of YA, and adult romance. I also am quite fond of the author, Ms. Kelly Cain! But it’s always intimidating reading a work by a friend, or even a colleague. What if you hate it? How awkward…

But, I didn’t hate it. In fact, I loved it. Although Nicholas is described as being rather scraggly, grungy, unkempt, I kept picturing this hotty in my head. The fact is, Nicholas is such a great hero, despite being rather an anti-hero (as my friend Cathie said). He’s only 18, a virgin, and a law student. Liv, the main character, is five years older than him. Sure, five years isn’t too much. But the range of experiences someone goes through between the ages of 18 and 23 can be overwhelming. Still, Nicholas was mature, even in comparison to Liv sometimes. He was also smart and funny, and oh, so sweet. The sexual chemistry between them came out of nowhere for me, but I actually didn’t mind because it was the same for Liv.

I thought Liv was a believable character, with both good and bad traits, although the good far outweighed the bad. Her biggest flaw seemed to be the inability to see (or believe) her true feelings, but how many of us can relate to that?

I wasn’t expecting to laugh out loud, but I actually did more than once. And, if a book can make me laugh, it is a huge perk. The scene (spoiler alert) where Nicholas walks out in only a towel, and Liv is all flustered made me laugh so much! I could totally see it.

If I have one critique, it’s that the beginning of the book took me a little time to get into. I think because I wasn’t quite invested in the relationship between Live and Kye, I wasn’t thrown into the drama as much as I could have been had their relationship started off going really well and then going sour. That said, it wasn’t enough to turn me off from reading, and I’m so glad I kept on going!

Altered is a wonderful multi-cultural romance between two very different people, and I loved it. And one more note about the author- she can write food! I actually salivated in a few parts ha ha. And now I’m definitely craving Cajun food. Damn you, Kelly.


Kelly is a new adult and contemporary romance novelist. After many years of being entrenched in business and data analysis, she began writing last year and discovered it to be her passion. She loves reading most genres, but historical fiction and new adult are her favorites. She has two adult daughters and lives in a suburb of Houston, Texas.


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