New Year, New Goals


Ahh, happy January, everyone. Can you believe it’s 2016 already? How nutty is that?

On the heels of 2015 I did a bit of reflection. Not just on the year overall (which was pretty great for me), but on the goals I had set for myself. And it felt damn good to be able to say I’d met my biggest goal of all in 2015- getting a publishing contract, and having Ditch Flowers published.

I may not have lost weight, or stopped my sugar addiction, but by golly, I GOT MY BOOK PUBLISHED!!!!

So, three cheers for a fulfilled resolution.

Now, on to this year’s goals.

I’m going to be realistic here, while still reaching for a tad more than I think I can accomplish. It’s good to aim high, right? And officially, here they are:

2016 Writing & Publishing Goals:

-Submit a minimum of 1 poem, and 1 short story a month to literary journals, magazines, and contests.

-Read 2 books a month. Really this isn’t totally related to writing, but reading only makes you a better writer. Plus, I love reading. I’m guilty of saying I don’t have enough time (this is sort of true with three small kids) but I seem to find enough time to play around on the internet, so I’m going to get offline and open more books. Minimum 2. And I’m a fast reader. I used to read a book every day or two in high school. Why can’t I at least do a couple a month? No reason.

-Finish the first draft of Witch Lessons, my Paranormal Women’s Fiction manuscript. I’m about 1/3 done. I need to finish, and I want to finish.

-Either get an agent/publisher for my short story collection, or self-publish it. I realize this might be lofty, but I really, really want to send this baby out into the world. I think it has merit, and I love flash fiction. There are very few presses and agents who consider shorts, but I have a few solid options to submit to. If that doesn’t result in a deal, I am more than happy to publish it myself.

-Begin querying agents for Weightless: A Fairy Tale. It is written, revised, and ready to query. On that note, the big goal for the year-

-GET A LITERARY AGENT FOR WEIGHTLESS. Yes, I am really hoping to get an agent for this MG novel. I have a few in mind, but need to get back on to find even more. Am I going to set a goal for how many agents to query, like I did with Ditch Flowers (initially 100, then up to 200 (eek))? I don’t know. I haven’t decided. I would rather not self-publish this story. So wish me luck on the agent search.

Oh, is that all, you ask?

Yep, that’s about all I think I can manage. I feel slightly overwhelmed by all these things, but mostly excited.

Happy New Year everyone. May 2016 bring you a rush of creativity, inspiration, and productivity. I’m hoping the same for myself. So far, so good.

So, tell me. Do you have any big goals for 2016?


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