Book Review: Come Be My Love by Diana Brown


I’ve loved this book for years, originally finding it on the fiction shelves in my library as a teen, or even before. It was one of my favorites to rent repeatedly, me falling for the charming hero, equally as much as the brave heroine. I don’t know why it’s flown under the radar, but I highly recommend it to those who love historical romance. This one happens to be more romantic than sexy, although there is some sensuality. 5 stars.

Come Be My Love is a rich romance by Diana Brown. Alexandra is just 12-years old when she falls in love with the neighbor’s son, Darius Wentworth. Several things divide this girl with the man she knows to be her soul mate including politics, age and finances. Alexandra, while quite pretty, has no real dowry to speak of and the Wentworths are very well off. Despite the fact that her father is opposed to her spending much time with the family, Alexandra manages to become familiar with them, first through Darius’s younger sister and then through his father who becomes Alexandra’s teacher, helping her pursue her love of reading and writing. As long as Alexandra is a model daughter her father soon sees no reason to prevent her from going to Charteris, the Wentworth’s home.

As much time as Alexandra is able to see Darius, he still treats her like a beloved younger sister even as she ages into a lovely young lady. Her frustrations are further enhanced when Darius becomes engaged to the beautiful, stylish Philomena. Alexandra knows she could never live up to Philomena and becomes desolate and heartbroken when the two finally marry. Upon hearing the news that Philomena will give birth to a child, Alexandra is convinced that all is lost for her and Darius. However, once the child is brought into their world, it sets into motion a series of events that will pull her and Darius further apart than she ever thought and also push them closer together.

Come Be My Love is a wonderful novel. I love the fact that Alexandra is so independent for a girl at that time. I think it’s great that she refuses to marry without love, and that she pursues a career of her own, even when it brings a scandal upon her. There were many things I did not see coming which I felt really enhanced the storyline and after enjoying this book so much, I am eager to read more of Diana Brown’s stories.

Originally posted with Writers News Weekly in 2009.




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