Book Review: Pawn of the Phoenix



I read book 1 in the Memory Collector Series a few months ago. I adore Jamie Mclachlan, and she’s published with Penner also. We are good friends, and I was excited to read her novel. It sounded really good, if a little bit unusual for me because of the mystery element (I’m all about fantasy and romance though!) For Mind of the Phoenix, I gave 4 stars, and was eager to return to the story to find out what happened to the characters this time. I especially wanted to see if the identity of the Phoenix was revealed, and if Moira and Keenan took their relationship beyond a professional level.

I was not disappointed. I enjoyed book 2 even more than 1! Pawn of the Phoenix was riveting, intriguing, and really answered many unanswered questions from book 1, while also introducing more questions. What will happen to Moira and Keenan now? What is the Phoenix going to do now? Who exactly is on the Phoenix’s side? And gasp- that ending! Gaaaah. How can I wait for book 3 patiently when all I want to do is keep reading?

I struggled a little bit with what to rate this. There was no doubt it would be high- either a 4 or 5. The writing was strong and flowed well, if the word choice could have been a bit improved at times, the pacing was spot on, the descriptions more detailed (loved that), the chemistry between the two main characters was palpable, and the mystery suspenseful. I leaned toward 4 because as much as I enjoyed it, I rarely rate a book 5 stars. But the more I thought about it, I couldn’t stop thinking about the story! That to me is a strong indicator that it’s a story I love even more than I initially realize. The ending nagged at me for days. I was antsy, anxious. I wanted to read MORE. So there it is. Jamie, you stinker. You got 5 out of me! Loved it. If you enjoy suspenseful romance with some spice, and a fantasy element, give this one a try! Jamie also writes poetry, and some erotica.

Visit Jamie at her website here.




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