Prioritizing Projects

Okay, fellow writers. I really, really want to know. How in the heck do you prioritize your writing projects??? I’m not even talking about the balancing (juggling?) act that is promotion/marketing/submitting. Let’s focus strictly on writing and editing.

You see, I have this friend…

She’s writing the first shitty draft of project #1 and is 1/3 of the way to her target word count. I, I mean SHE, anticipates adding quite a lot of words in later drafts. She’s excited about this project. She has material ready to be written. (Project needs about 50,000 words)

#2 She’s also got a short story collection that is 98% written, and just needs that 2% to be finished. Then on to editing. She is excited about this too. (Project needs about 2,000 words. Obviously way less work than project #1)

#3 She’s ALSO got a totally complete 85,000 novel that she’d like to hack away at and make something better from it. She anticipates losing about 50% of the word count in this process, and releasing it as a novella.

AND IF THAT WASN’T ENOUGH, my friend, who I suspect has project ADD, has another story (project #4) that is 50% done. She’s not as excited about this as the others BUT, it has food. She loves food writing (and reading). This makes it kind of fun.(Project needs 20,000 words)

We will just ignore projects 5-25 for the time being.

Right now she’s focused on #1. But then she thinks about the others, and becomes sort of panicky. What’s your opinion? Is it best to work in order of enthusiasm? Or with what has the highest word count? Should it be like when you pay off your bills, and you’re supposed to start with the lowest balance first, and work your way up? What would you do? Do you have a special way you prioritize your writing, or does it really depend on the project? Do you start with what is easiest or closer to completion? Or what you started on first?

Writers, how do you do it? Any wisdom to share?





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