What’s Up With Me?

I thought tonight, on the heels of some kind of cool novel-in-progress progress, I’d share a small update on what is going on with my writing life.

Agent Search: My upper middle grade fairytale retelling is out with a great agent right now (the FULL, I might add. Woohoo!!). This is cool and exciting, but I am remaining cautiously optimistic that even if said agent passes, things will work out. I believe I have a story worth telling, and if this agent doesn’t fall in love, someone else will. I have additional queries floating around cyberspace, so I should get more replies (or not) soon.

Short Stories: I’ve sent my collection to a few friends, and so far feedback has been spot-on, helpful, and super encouraging. I’m planning to start another round of editing, then on to writing the query so I can begin an agent search for the collection.

Novel: My current, and most pressing, work is going so amazingly well overall, I’m almost afraid to jinx it! It’s a paranormal women’s fiction and I am in love with the characters and the places they are taking me! I am about 5,000 words short of my initial target word count, and estimate probably another 5,000 will be added after. It has been one of the most fun, rewarding processes writing this story. Don’t get me wrong- I still have a lot of work to do. But I’m so hopeful for this. I really think it’s maybe my favorite writing so far?

Other: I try to blog when I can (rarely, haha. Sorry, guys), read when I’m able, write book reviews once I’m done reading those books, and then there’s submitting poems/shorts/etc. None of these things get done on the regular lately, but as long as the novel is being written, and my children are fed, I can’t feel like a total slacker, right?

That’s my update. I hope you wonderful readers are cheering on my progress silently (or, out loud. Come on! ) or at least, it helps me to put it “out there”. I am working. I am writing. I am staying busy. I hope to have something to show you all soon.

♡ Amanda


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