Short Story Release!

Today is the day. I’m a bit nervous. Mostly, though, I am happy to share that my new short story is available now on Amazon Kindle! The story is called The Peony and the Sun, and is somewhat of a magical realism/fabulism story. 

It is about a flower, and a little boy, and the relationships in both their lives. The first line came to me out of nowhere, as I mentioned in my last post, and then the story took off from there quickly, with plenty of motivation and passion. I was driven to write it. It holds a special place in my heart, and I hope others will enjoy the story. It is bittersweet, touching, and poignant, and suitable for older children to adults. Plus, The Peony and the Sun is perfect for those who are short on time (who isn’t these days?) coming in at 19 pages total. 

Check out the cover reveal, synopsis and buy link below. Thanks for sharing in my self-publishing debut. It was both easier, and slightly more difficult than I thought. I found it interesting, and almost without stress, though. And I plan on doing it again. Someday. For today, I’m focusing on this:


“There was once a flower who fell in love.”

So begins this short tale of a flower and those around her. The Peony and the Sun is a story, old-fashioned in its telling, about the ways love can manifest in different relationships. It is a fable, simply told, about the power of actions over words, the beauty of nature, and the tenderness and strength of the heart. Yet, it is first and foremost a love story, between two flowers, between partners who have lost their way, and between the peony and the little boy who saves her—or tries to. The Peony and the Sun is a bittersweet story about friendship, expectation, and above all, love.

Duration: 19 pages

Estimated Reading Time: approximately 15-30 minutes

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Thank you, everyone! ♡




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