First, I Was a Poet


👆 (Yep, that’s me. Try to ignore my faux-surprised late 90s selfie, and check out the literal writing on the wall)

Before I ever wrote fiction, I was a lover of poetry. I grew up reading the words of Maya Angelou, Langdon Smith, Shakespeare, Francis Euclide, and more. I cut out the lyrics from CD inserts and saved them. In high school I took permanent marker and wrote my favorite quotes and poems all over my bedroom walls. (Yes, my parents were cool.)

I wrote poetry during my angsty, broken-hearted teen years. I wrote poetry during times of happiness, but, more frequently, when I was struggling. It was an outlet to release my emotions in a productive, creative way.

A couple years ago, my poem The Game of Life was published by Literary Mama. It was written during a time I was going through recurrent pregnancy loss. Many of my poems center around understanding and accepting my own body, from puberty to post-partum. I write about pregnancy, miscarriage, sexuality, body shame and pride, and what makes sense to me as a woman, and a mother. I write as I see, as I feel, and I hope my work resounds with others. I don’t have the training that many, wonderful poets have. But I write from my heart, and I’m pushing myself as a poet to grow my skills.

The news here, is that I have decided to release my first collection of poetry. The collection is called Like Waves, and is slated for release April 26th, 2017. I have absolutely gorgeous cover art (no sneak peeks yet guys, sorry!) and a wonderful new editor who I will be likely working with again for this manuscript. I plan to release at least in e-book and paperback, but potentially hardcover as well.

But, Amanda, you say, that’s over 6 months from now. Why so far off?

Well, when you think about it, 6 months is really not that far away. I still have a lot of revision to do. I don’t want to rush it. Spring seems like a great time, a new beginning. A perfect time to release my collection. I also need to save some funds (because DAMN) so that I can turn out the best possible book for you, my readers. In addition, I want to build some buzz! I’ll be reaching out to book bloggers and review sites to see I can get a little excitement going before the book is released. If you’re interested in reviewing Like Waves somewhere around January (once I’m hoping to be done editing), please let me know!

Thanks for sharing in my news. I can’t wait to share my words with you!






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