398.2: A Literary Tattoo


Yesterday, I got a new tattoo. It celebrates my love for fairytales. 398.2 is the Dewey Decimal number for fairytales, and it is my favorite section in the library. See, I love it so much I got caught hugging the books!


Since my creative epiphany a few weeks ago, I have not been able to ignore the urge to make this part of my life permanent in the form of a tattoo. (Tattoo-lovers will understand this). Not only have I always loved reading fairytales, and watching them, but now I am creating them. It is an important part of my life that I now have a physical touchstone of. When I’m stuck, or blocked, or low, I know I can just look down to my writing arm, and see a reminder that I believe in magic.

Nerdy? Silly? I don’t care. I love this little fairy wing, and what it represents ♡

Thanks for reading!


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