Book Besties Announcement

Hi guys!

I want to share some cool news today. As some of you may know from prior posts, and frequent tweets, that I have become really good friends with four of the authors who are also published with Penner. (I’ve (online) met a few other Penner authors who are also super nice, especially sweet romance author Jim Cangany). But for the last year+ I’ve grown particularly close to Jamie McLachlan, Kelly Cain, C.H. Armstrong, and Bianca M. Schwarz. We’ve (lovingly) argued, laughed our butts off, and helped each other with writing projects, and creative woes, not to mention sharing personal problems and milestones, as well. Despite the fact that we are different ages and backgrounds, and all wrote totally different debut novels, we’ve grown close. We respect each other, and each other’s work. We’ve been critique partners, and the kinds of friends whose shoulders you cry on…except we’ve never actually met.

The news is that we’ve decided to collaborate on a book! That’s right. The five of us will be publishing a collection of short stories sometime in late spring of 2017. The stories will be romantic, or love-themed, and based on the idea of “second chances”. The title is Déjà You, and I can tell you the cover is GORGEOUS (though I can’t share it yet…but soon!).

The book will be available in e-book AND paperback. There will be five stories, at roughly 10,000 words each, and I can’t tell you how neat it is to not only be able to work with these amazing women, but to get first-crack at reading their stories! I’ve only heard a few details from them (stinkers) but I can tell you not only is each story going to be different from the rest, but they are all truly interesting concepts that I’m dying to read. I will tell you just a tiny thing about my story—the title is yet to be picked, but the story was completely, and utterly inspired by the melody, and some of the lyrics from the song Kocaine Karolina by Elle King. I can hear the strumming of the guitar in my head even now! It’s about a woman who loses her lover to a sudden death, and a decade later, gets another chance with him…in the afterlife. I’ve started it, and can’t wait to see where it goes. So far it is heart-breaking, lovely, and bittersweet, at least that’s what I’m aiming for!

To stay up to date on more details, please visit our new collaborative Facebook page Book Besties. We’ll post about our project, but also share things about each individual author at times.

Follow our group on Twitter!

And if you’re not already, please check out each one of my friends. Just click their names above to learn more about their books! There’s something for everyone—romance/erotica, multicultural, NA, Fantasy, and Historical Fiction!



Thanks for sharing in our news. We can’t wait to bring you even more details soon.




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