Hi! ::waves awkwardly:: ::throws filter on to improve awkward selfie::

I wish I had something really cool to share with you. I felt like blogging something, but I’ve got two big blog drafts I’m still working on, and nothing else I wanted to do. It seems that all I’m good for the last couple days is cuddling up with a blanket, and eating all the junk food in my house! (Early hibernation and/or possible emotional exhaustion, I’m wagering).

In any case, I wanted to pop in, and say hey, and do an update of things going on with my writing & publishing. If you’re out there, please let me know how you’re doing with your own creative pursuits! Also, if you haven’t read my last few blog posts, please check them out, as they’re a lot more exciting than this one! 😉

First off, I’m taking a break putting up short stories for a week or two, possibly longer. I have loads of stories that are written, and two that even have covers, and have received editorial feedback, but I still need to go through those two and fix all the boo-boos. That takes time, because they are new stories, which haven’t been looked at by another human AT ALL until recently. They haven’t been polished whatsoever, and both were very rough (even more so than I thought…lots of comments in track changes—yikes!) However, as soon as they are up, I will be happily sharing both with you, so please stay tuned.

In wonderful, amazing, yeah-I-guess-it’s-pretty-damn-exciting-news, I have FINISHED writing, and editing Witch Lessons! It took over a year of the most amazing creative year of my life to write this novel, which is miniscule compared to the many years I spent writing Ditch Flowers, which was harder in several ways, but…I digress. I celebrated with a big glass of wine, and sent the whole manuscript off to one of my best friends, whom I trust to give me valuable feedback. The story has been edited through three or four drafts, and I’m fairly happy with where it’s at (I mean, I LOVE it, but I know there’s still sections that could be smoothed) so I’m interested to see what she thinks. Once I hear back from her*, I’ll be sending to some more beta readers, and working on perfecting my query letter, and beginning my querytracker.net list of agents who want Fantasy/Women’s Fiction. And then, the joy of querying will commence!

Some of you may remember I have another manuscript on the backburner—Weightless, the fairytale retelling. I had three full manuscript requests by agents,  and due to similar comments from those, and the agents who read the partial, I decided to get a manuscript analysis done with my editor. She had great suggestions, and I am now going to re-work the entire manuscript to change the points-of-view to three different characters. It really will make it so much more intriguing, and help the reader connect, I trust, but it is a lot of work, and other than a few paragraphs I haven’t made any progress on that project yet. Soon. I don’t want to let this project go stale, because I really do love the story. I’ve just been so focused on the above two points!

What else? I haven’t had a single calm minute to revise or edit my poetry (which will take a lot of quiet reflection, for real), nor have I sent any additional queries for Beach Glass & Other Broken Things, my Women’s Fiction short story collection. What I have done, though, is submit to several fabulous anthologies, journals, and magazines for various short stories, and poems. There’s one in particular that I am dying to be accepted for! Please keep your fingers crossed for me.

And finally, in other random news, I’m helping someone with creating an anthology with fairytales and lullabies, told in new, and fresh ways. I’ll be sharing more on that in future. With that, everything I mentioned above, and my new collaboration with Book Besties, it’s probably no wonder I need to curl up with a blanket and watch comfort movies while eating ice cream or nachos! I’m just tired, guys. Mostly a happy tired from all this creativity that’s been coursing through my life lately, but of course tired from all world in general. Sigh.

How are you doing with your work? Any cool news?

*update. I heard back from my friend, who called me last night immediately upon finishing Witch Lessons, and she absolutely loved it! I believe the words *amazing* *brilliant* and *huge* were thrown out? Hahaha. I’m so thrilled, really! It is a wonderful feeling when you love something and it resonates with someone else. I value her opinion, and I know she’d tell me if it was awful. She had a couple suggestions for improvement in some areas, and I will definitely work hard to make the story as good as I can. Yay! Yay for great friends, and for stories that touch us—whether we are the ones writing, or reading them.





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