Back In The Game!

Well, I am back in the game of querying. Oddly enough, it’s kind of exciting, although I’m bracing myself for the inevitable crickets in the inbox, disappointment, and crushing rejection—can you tell I had SO much fun querying for 2.5 years for Ditch Flowers? (In all honesty it wasn’t THAT bad…but I don’t want to repeat most of it!)

On a whim yesterday I decided to participate in #PitMad on Twitter for my Women’s Fiction/Fantasy Witch Lessons. I’ve done pitch things before for Weightless (with no luck) and kind of petered out on the whole idea. But, I was pretty high on the feedback from my trusted friend, and from recently completing revising the whole manuscript. I felt it was strong enough to pitch, and so, with the encouragement of those around me, I decided to participate in the pitch contest. All you had to do was 3 Tweets (per manuscript) and include the hashtags to narrow down the agents/publishers searching. And if an agent or publisher likes your tweet? Well, that means they’re interested and they want a query! It basically bypasses the idea of submitting blindly. You go into it knowing they are interested in your idea. It doesn’t mean they’ll love your query. It doesn’t mean anything, really, but…still. It’s exciting.

And so I pitched Witch Lessons 3 times. And I received 3 likes! That’s right. Including queries I sent today I have a nice start on the process, and I honestly believe, and truly hope, that it will be a lot sooner to publishing contract than DF was. My friend Theresa, who read the manuscript and called me with SO much praise (and some suggestions, of course) said she thinks it will be “huge” for me, and that she thinks I’ll have multiple offers. All along I’ve had a feeling that this will be big, and I hope we are both right!

Right now I have a (requested) full manuscript out, and several partials, along with general queries. I am going to continue finding bomb ass people to submit to, and will keep you in the loop as I hear more. Please keep your fingers crossed for me! The sooner I find success with this manuscript, the sooner ya’ll can read it! Oh, and want to know more about it? Here you go:

Aya Haven is living a lie. Magic hums within her skin, but as a member of a closed-gate community where anything paranormal is strictly forbidden, she spends her days living a meek, ordinary life, hiding her deepest feelings from even herself. That is, until she meets Thalia, a woman with a secret of her own. She is determined to bring out the magic within Aya by teaching her the illegal art of witchcraft, and the two women become more than student and teacher—they become lovers. Darcy, Aya’s great-grandmother, is also a witch, and a former bra-burning protester turned suburban housewife and mother in the early 1970’s. She loves her husband, but can’t stay away from a man she’s not even sure she likes. Darcy finds passion in his arms, while Aya finds inspiration in the pages of Darcy’s journal.

As their dual storylines collide with the common tragedy of committing a crime punishable by death, Darcy finds herself wrestling with the demons of post-partum depression, while Aya winds up in the center of a modern day witch trial. Each will have to face the darkness and light within themselves, and those around them. But only one will make it through with her life. Witch Lessons is a weaving of two women’s tales. It is a novel of desire, and truth. It is for those who are seeking, and those who are found. Most of all, it is for anyone who believes in the power of magic, and the biggest magic of all—love.

Thanks, everyone! And don’t forget—send those good query vibes my way! And if you know of anyone you think would be a good fit for me to submit to, please let me know J



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