Coming in 2017: Beach Glass & Other Broken Things

Hello, my friends.

Coming directly off the release of my latest e-book short story How to Get Unstuck, I am here with an announcement: I have decided to self-publish my Women’s Fiction short story collection in summer of 2017!

You see, I knew it would be hard to get the manuscript published traditionally, despite the small successes I’ve had getting individual stories accepted for publication. Short story collections (SCC) are notoriously difficult to find agents, or publishers for (don’t ask me why. I STILL don’t get it, despite all the yakkity-yak about markets). You know I love short stories and flash fiction stories. I lurve them! And I think many readers love them, too. But, c’est la vie, and all that.

So, I figured I’d try some querying, and not kill myself worrying about it. When you go to and narrow your search for agents seeking SSC, you get a fair amount. However, when you actually go to those agents’ websites, you will see far, far less than is indicated otherwise. I think this is because sometimes they don’t explicitly say they AREN’T accepting SSC, but they also don’t say they are. I queried as many agents as I could find that fit my manuscript, as well as small presses. I came up with about 30 queries in total. If you recall, I queried over 220 agents with Ditch Flowers! It wasn’t lack of effort this time around, simply that there were so many less options. Of those who responded, only a few actually said they were looking for collections (and they just didn’t want my specific manuscript), despite them seeming like a good fit on agent tracking websites. Still, I tried. Didn’t work out. And I’m okay with that.

With that plan behind me I’m eagerly moving on to the next. Beach Glass & Other Broken Things will be published in e-book and paperback by yours truly. I’m hoping you will love the collection as much as I do! Here’s a little bit about it:

Beach Glass & Other Broken Things is a collection of twenty eight (maybe slightly more/less) stories about women on the cusp of becoming who they are. From a transgendered teen struggling with her reality, to a grandmother falling in love for the first time, Beach Glass & Other Broken Things is a collection that highlights the complexities of girls and women, and how they will sometimes choose something different than we’d imagine. It is a work that celebrates women who are happy, those who are broken-hearted, those who are saving themselves, and those who allow themselves to be saved. It is stories of unimaginable loss, unbreakable hope, and the power of learning to laugh, to love, to let go.

I will be including in it the flash fiction/short stories I’ve already released: Rousseau, Clementine, Running and then the latest How to Get Unstuck. Please click the store tab to find out more about those if you haven’t already read them (they are mostly FREE).There will be an additional 20+ stories in the book, so only a small portion of them are available individually, and I won’t be releasing anymore on their own, or at least, I don’t think. I’ve been building this collection for some time (years, guys, YEARS.), and I’m proud of it. I hope you will enjoy it.

I’ll be posting more about the book as I sort out details, and I’ll also have an update on Like Waves, my poetry collection. Meanwhile, I’m querying Witch Lessons with literary agents, and revising Weightless, AND I’ll be publishing some fabulism/fantasy/fairytale/magical realism stories for a different future flash fiction/short story collection. Whew!

Please stay with me throughout this exciting, and interesting journey! There is lots more good to come.





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