An Anthology

Good morning!

It’s actually not a great morning for me because of some personal and professional disappointment yesterday (sigh), but I’m trying to see the bright side of things on this snowy, Saturday morning. Christmas cookies may help?

Something to be excited about is this cool new anthology! I’m helping to get this thing rolling, and am heading up the Facebook page for it. Please check out the description below, like us on Facebook, look at the website-in-progress, and then go to Submittable to submit!

Fireflies & Fairy Dust: An Anthology

We are seeking short fiction and poetry for a new anthology coming out in spring of 2017. Appease your inner child and send us your takes on favorite nursery rhymes, give us twists on fairytales, make us hear old lullabies in a new way. We want witches, and edible houses, and true love. We want whimsy and magic. Give us stories that are tender, lovely, funny, and even a bit dark. We want to laugh, cry, and be surprised. Make us fall in love with your words. Make us jealous we didn’t think of your story first!

Contributors will be paid $10.00 and receive a free e-Book, and possibly one paperback copy as well.

The fee to submit is $5.00. Please format in Double-spaced, 12 pt Times New Roman, and send us your strongest work. You should include your name and contact information on the cover letter (and only the cover letter) so that it can be removed before we read. Submissions will be read blind. Minorities and marginalized writers are encouraged to submit.

POETRY: Please send 3 to 5 poems per submission, at 1-2 pages each. We love old-fashioned rhyming, but free-form is also welcome.

FICTION: Please send short fiction, from 300 to 1,000 words. If the stories are shorter, sending two at a time is fine. If they are longer, please limit to only one.

All rights will revert back to the author upon publication.

Submissions will be (tentatively) open until sometime in February 2017. If we are interested in including your work, we will contact you. If you do not hear back from us within two months, consider it a regretful pass.


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