Year in Review: 2016

I decided to write one more blog post for 2016.

This year has been marked by the loss of several really cool people in this world. It has been tumultuous politically, and just really, a big awful mess in so many ways. In some ways, 2016 has SUCKED. Yes.

However…I would be remiss amidst my fretting and complaining by not acknowledging how great this year has been for my work. I am truly humbled, grateful and damn it all, I am proud of myself.

In 2016 my debut novel (Penner Publishing, 2015) became a bestseller in FOUR different categories on Amazon, and I earned out my small advance.

In 2016 I completed a kick-ass novel (which I am now trying to get published) and I really feel that 2017 will be the year I get an agent for it.

In 2016 I self-published my first short story, The Peony and the Sun. I followed that up with another five short stories. That was all done within a span of about three months.

In 2016 I came into my own as a writer. I learned many important things about myself. I had an explosion of ideas and creativity.

In 2016 I wrote a few more (unpublished) short stories besides the ones I released as an indie author.

In 2016 I gained hundreds of new Facebook and Twitter followers. I got several new book reviews. I blogged more.

In 2016 I began revising my MG fairytale retelling.

In 2016 I wrote notes and got sparks of ideas (and maybe even a starting sentence or two) for some short stories, novellas, and novels.

In 2016 I became a part of an author collaboration Book Besties, which will publish a collection of short stories next year.

In 2016 I decided to self-publish my short story collection in 2017, and began compiling and editing all the stories.

In 2016 I read some great books, and listened to several audiobooks that I loved.

2016 was a banging year for me as an author and a creator. I learned a lot about publishing. I learned even more about myself.

Thank you for being along with me this year, to read my posts, to comment, to share my content. Thank you for reading my book and stories, and for reviewing them. Thank you for telling your mom, or your sister, or your neighbor, about this cool new author you found (moi!). Thank you for sharing my triumphs and being patient as I sometimes fumble on this journey.

2017, get ready. I have a lot I want to accomplish. Let’s blow 2016 out of the water.


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