Goals, Resolutions, Plans

Happy New Year, everyone!

I like to start the year with a list of goals. Call them resolutions, if you like. (Some people are anti-NY-resolution…I’m not one of them). Last year I did the same, and I was pleased to see that I not only met some of those goals, I exceeded them.

2017 needs to be big for me. I have lots of hopes and dreams, and dang, I’ve been working hard. I feel like good things are in store with my writing. And I want to share them, because it really does help me stay on track knowing other people see these things! My resolutions:

-Get a literary agent. Yes, I have just started querying Witch Lessons, and I have, I think, two full manuscripts out on submission and probably four rejections so far. I plan to focus intensely on securing an agent for this story.

-Revise Weightless. I don’t know that many other stories have been as much work as this one, and I don’t mean that resentfully. I have been STUCK on something that I was querying last year (with little success) before finally deciding it just isn’t ready or right the way it is. I no longer am certain this even is middle-grade. It’s possible it’s YA. It could even be adult. I’m just revising, and rewriting the story how it comes naturally, and I’m trying not to worry about the audience so much. This may very well be a story that is hard to fit into a mold. Once it’s revised to my liking, my plan is to query—either to agents, or to small presses directly. I have a soft spot for this story. It doesn’t feel as “big” as Witch Lessons, but it too deserves an audience.

Publish Beach Glass & Other Broken Things, April 2017. Yep, my short story collection is something I’m constantly working on, editing and revising each story individually. I have two more I’m planning to write new, and have started on both of those as well. I’ll have a cover reveal sometime in March, and advance review copies going out that month as well. At least, that’s the hope!

-Publish something small every month. Or something like that. I like the idea of giving myself a deadline for these things. I also plan a short story trio ebook of three of my new fantasy stories sometime this month. More info coming!

-Submit, submit, submit. I mean to literary magazines, journals, websites, anthologies, what have you. I want to submit a lot of poems and short stories. I would love to see some of them accepted before I publish both those collections.

-Keep a daily writing planner. I already bought a gorgeous planner, complete with stickers! 
I want to make a daily goal of what I’d like to get done, and then see if I can stick with it. So far, day two of this year, and I’m on track with what I wanted to get done.

-Read more. I love reading, and yet I never make enough time to do it. I waste too much time on mindless internet browsing and way too much time on internet shopping (gulp). My plan is to read more books, and get better at reviewing (or at least rating) each and every one! I want to utilize Goodreads more, because I use it more as an author now than as a reader.

-Write more. Write longhand, write in crap notebooks, write on the laptop when I have the luxury of time and quiet. Write everything I can think of, and push myself more.

I think that’s it for now. Please, if you haven’t already, take a look at my previous post (Book Bestie Giveaway) because it’s super cool and we will have TWO winners who will each win 5+ ebooks/stories!

I hope 2017 is treating you well so far! So far, so good here. Tell me, do you make New Years resolutions? 

Take care,



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