Hey guys! Sorry I haven’t posted in a few days . I’ve been kind of bogged down in other things, like not-so-fun real life stuff, but today the fog lifted and I made real progress on Beach Glass & Other Broken Things. I have all the stories edited to the best of my ability, and in an order that makes sense to me. I finished all that and sent it off to my friend who is going to do the first round of editing. After she’s done and I make any changes, then off to my editor for final edits! 

I’m on target for my April release , and am waiting for cover art details. I can’t WAIT to share the cover with you all. I think it’ll be gorgeous . 

The entire manuscript is about 40,000 words, so roughly half of Ditch Flowers (lol) and has 25 stories with a clear focus and theme (I hope). 

So, yay for progress, and words, and writing! Today is a good day. I hope you feel the same. 




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