Calling Book Bloggers & Reviewers!

Hey there!

If you guys recall from my last post (and numerous posts before that ha ha) my short story collection Beach Glass & Other Broken Things will be released in late April. I’m looking for book bloggers and reviewers who are willing to post their honest reviews to places such as Goodreads, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, kobo, itunes, Facebook, or a personal website or blog. The more places you post, the better!

I’m happy to send an advance reader copy (ARC) once I get my proofs and also happy to sign them. If you’d prefer to have it sooner, and don’t mind an email copy, let me know and I will send it as soon as I get my edits back!

To remind you what the collection is about, here’s my working synopsis:

From the author of Ditch Flowers comes a collection of twenty-eight stories about women on the cusp of becoming who they really are. These stories highlight the complexities of girls and women at a crossroad in their lives, from a transgendered teen struggling with her reality, to an eighty-four-year-old grandmother falling in love for the first time. In one story we meet a victim of domestic violence who makes her escape, in another, a woman grieving the loss of her husband by suicide finds comfort with an unlikely life coach, and in another, a pre-teen girl tracks down her absent father, only to find he’s made a whole new life without her. Beach Glass & Other Broken Things delves into unimaginable loss, and unbreakable hope. It celebrates women who are happy, those who are broken-hearted, those who are saving themselves, and those who allow themselves to be saved.

Included in the collection are four previously published short stories: Running, Rousseau, Clementine, and How to Get Unstuck. The first three of those are all available FREE (check the Store tab) so if you want a taste of my writing, feel free to go read those! If they pique your curiosity, then the collection may be for you. I should add, because I know people like to know what they’re going to read, that there are stories including profanity, sex, violence, and adult themes. I’d categorize the collection as Women’s Fiction, and different stories have elements of romance, thriller, humor, LGBT, and healing. Yay! I’m really excited about this collection!

If BG&OBT interests you, please let me know by emailing me at authoralinsmeier(at) or leaving a comment here. I will have my edits back in March, which I know leaves only about a month to read and review (which I apologize for) however, it is shorter than a novel. At about 40,000 words it’s about the size of a novella so it should be fast reading! Ditch Flowers is 75,000 words if that’s any help.

Thanks for your support you wonderful people! If this interests you, again, let me know, and if you think you know someone who would might like to read an ARC, feel free to share this post. At some point I’ll close off my request when I have enough readers, so hurry up and email me before it’s too late 🙂



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