Good afternoon! So, yesterday was a busy day. I blogged, I worked out some manuscript details, I talked publishing, I chatted with friends, I read (alas, no writing). And sometime in the evening I checked my email, which I admit I’m in the habit of doing a little too often lately (damn query-stage), to find that not one, but TWO of my poems have been accepted! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

Now, if you sneak a peek at this somewhat grim picture below, you’ll see the majority of my submissions via Submittable have been rejected since beginning my account a couple years ago. Note: This is only page 1. That doesn’t even show the email submissions I’ve made. These are submissions of poetry, creative non-fiction, and short fiction, to literary journals and magazines. With some of these places I have submitted more than one thing in a single submission– some allow up to 5, 6, or more pieces of short fiction or poems. Hell, some of those were poetry chapbook submissions, with a good 40 poems. You can see how this can get pretty damn depressing fast, just like querying with a lot of rejections or no answers. Rejection is hard. It is painful, sometimes. It hurts your feeligs, it makes you question your worth. Or at least, it has for me at times. But, thankfully, I’ve grown a thick enough skin these day, and rejection ain’t so bad anymore (or surprising whatsoever). In fact, the very first thought I get when I see an email from Submittable, is rejection. Followed by oh. screenshot_2017-01-27-12-55-38-1

However, I am not so jaded that I can’t be thrilled to see that green box on there with ACCEPTED! I am really so happy. When I made the decision to publish my poetry manuscript (working title: Like Waves) I told myself my goal was to get at least two poems accepted somewhere first, to lend credibility to my work. If you recall, I’ve had one poem accepted prior with Literary Mama, and that was such a great feeling. But in all the time before, and all the time since, NADA. Although side note, I did place as a quarter-finalist in the Mary Shay Ballard Poetry Prize in 2014 for my manuscript. So, that’s something after all!

Last night I got my second acceptance ever, for my poetry, from Mothers Always Write, and for two poems at that! So, I have met my goal of another acceptance, and it feels really good. If you’re a writer, take this as proof that you have to keep submitting, even if you get gray box after gray box after gray box, for years. All is not lost. And for my lovely readers, I hope you’ll keep checking back for when I find out the details of when my poems, when my arms are full, and from my body, will be published on MAW!

In the meantime, I’m busy revising my entire poetry manuscript, and really making progress. So far, its divided into three sections, though that may change: Before, During, and Now/Still. I’m having fun reading other poets work in my downtime, including my all-time favorite, Maya Angelou, but also Mckayla Robbin, Rita Dove, Adrienne Rich, Mary Oliver, Jennae Cecilia, Christine Heppermann, Francis Euclide, and Rupi Kaur. Seeing the way others craft poems is fascinating, and a lot of the time, it makes me second-guess my own style, but I’m trying to take in all the good inspiration, and leave the self-doubt at the door. After all, someone must like my work, three acceptances remind me of that 🙂

Thank you for following along with my journey! Have a safe, happy, and fulfilling weekend. I’ll be spending it ripping wallpaper off some walls, organizing some closets, and family time, of course. Will I be writing? You bet! What about you? Any fun plan, or minor (or major) successes in your life? Share below!




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