Short Story Acceptance! 

Hi guys! I am just stopping in to share some good news. Today I received an email telling me my short story, Briar Rose, has been accepted in a fantasy anthology with 19 other stories! 

I wrote this story a few months ago for a different anthology, which ultimately rejected me (er, my story). Boo, but not really, because now I get to be a part of this instead! 

And as difficult as 2017 has been for me in ways, I have to be grateful and also, almost giddy, because this makes the 3rd acceptance so far this year! I am on a roll, or as my pal Kelly says, I’m on fire! 

I’ll share more about the anthology as it is announced officially, but in the meantime please check out my Pinterest board for the inspiration from Briar Rose! It’s got a female huntress, a mysterious visitor, and a bit of a dark twist! 

On that note, I hope you all have a fun-filled, creative weekend! Any neat plans? Check in below! 



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