Cover Reveal! Beach Glass & Other Broken Things

Good morning! Today, I am so happy to share my big cover reveal for my upcoming short story collection Beach Glass & Other Things! Its been months in the making, ever since I got a vague idea in my head for the kind of cover I wanted. Something simple yet striking. Something related to the title, more specifically, something featuring actual beach glass. The title also happens to be the title of the first story in the collection, and does, I believe, an excellent job of conveying the tone of the stories and the characters within. And, as a public library employee, I am so lucky to get to be one of the first people there to see all the new books. Day after day, so many beautiful covers come through my room. I get to touch them. Get to see what I like and don’t like. Its definitely given me more of an eye for cover design!

I found a stunning listing on Etsy for engraved beach glass (often referred to as sea glass as well), and contacted them. These pieces are used for wedding or party place cards, but I felt they’d make a gorgeous cover image, and I was right! The seller was wonderful, and shipped super fast, so click the link if you want your own. Seriously, look at these beauties:


I also got some extra pieces made for giveaways, but more about that later 😉

Once I had the glass, my wonderful photographer Peter took it from there. I brought the glass, the sand, and the old boards my loving hubby had dusted off and cut for me. Side note: If you want to guess how much a bag of sand from the hardware store weighs, add about fifty pounds to your guess, and then picture it stuffed into a long, skinny. slippery bag, with a tiny sprout of a handle about half an inch long. Then picture me, in heels, just coming from work, trying to load it into my car, where it proceeds to slide directly out of my wimpy arms once I managed, after four (yes FOUR) tries to pull it out of the cart, and onto the slushy parking lot ground. Rinse. Repeat. I finally heaved it into the floor of my passenger seat after dragging it inch by inch on the wet ground, and I swear, my car groaned. I may have sworn a few dozen times myself.

Sorry, I digress.

The photo was taken, and I could already see it was going to be great, and then it was off to  Harper Skye Designs, who worked some magic and made it complete. I am in love with the design, and so thankful for everyone who had a part in making it! And without further ado, here it is:


Gahhh! So gorgeous, amirite?? I hope you like the entire cover when you see it, but for now, just a front cover reveal. Pretty soon the book will be available for pre-orders. Right now I’m going through my editor’s notes, and deciding what to keep or cut. Until then, feel free to spread the word and share the cover with friends and all your reading buddies! I will definitely keep ya’ll posted as I have more fun milestones to share. Next up will be presales and hopefully ARCs arriving for my early readers! All this time, YEARS of writing some of these stories, and building this collection, and months of planning, plus you know, blood, sweat, tears, and sandbag humiliation, and it is finally almost here. I am one happy gal right now. It is different, and yet similar in lots of ways to how I felt when Ditch Flowers was released. Surreal. Exciting. And a little bit nerve-wracking. But, above all, I’m thrilled. And I’ll be posting a couple big giveaways soon, so please keep checking back!

Thanks for being a part of my journey! (That line may or may not have come from The Bachelor).




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