Hi everyone!

I haven’t posted in several days, and I just wanted to say hello, and I’m here, just very busy. A quick update to let you know what’s going on:

  1. Beach Glass & Other Broken Things is currently available for pre-order (for Kindle only SO FAR), and I’d be grateful if you’d go take a look! The paperback will be up soon, and the release is still slated for April 26th. This is such a different process as an indie author, than Ditch Flowers was for me (being published by a small, traditional press). I mean, duh, obviously I knew I’d have a ton more to do on my own as a self-publisher with this book, but wowza, I kind of underestimated the amount of stress I’d be under. Once I got my edits all done, then I sent my manuscript off for formatting, and I spent two weeks worth of grocery money on ISBNs (why are they so damn expensive, I’d like to know) and a barcode, set up accounts on Ingram and Createspace, got the ebook up on KDP, set it up on Goodreads, etc. There are so many steps, and I am not sure I’m doing them all in the right order; it’s a lot of learn as I go here. And as much as I’ve read online from others in the know, its not easy finding a STEP BY STEP guide to publishing on both CS & Ingram. So, phew. That’s the whole publishing stress bit. The good news is that, as I said above, the ebook is available for pre-sale, and everything is coming along pretty much on schedule.
  2. Deja You: Stories of Second Chances is the short story collaboration I’m doing with my Book Besties, and I’ve been busy, in between editing and working on my book, writing my short story for that, which is called Joy and Sorrow. It’s *almost* done and then I need to polish it up, have it edited, and then we will be moving along with that. The release of that book is May 30th, but I’m a little panicked because my story still needs work and we have a deadline here.
  3. Writing, Revising, and Submitting: Sadly, not much new writing is taking place as I figure out those two major priorites, but I’m hoping soon. I also haven’t revised Weightless any more. I ALSO haven’t been querying poetry, shorts, or Witch Lessons—though that is still with a few agents right now (the full manuscript!) so, that’s something.
  4. Personal: If all that wasn’t enough (and really, it’s only two big things, but those two things are giving me gray hair), I’m in the process of  refinancing mortgage/house redo thing here, so that’s a lot of bank docs, and signatures, and finding info, and taxes, and appraisers coming, and getting quotes for work, blah blah blah. Plus, you know, there’s still regular life stuff like chores, and children, and work, and errands SO TO SAY I’M EARNING MY NIGHTLY GLASS OF WINE IS AN UNDERSTATEMENT. And if that weren’t enough, I’m getting over an awful sickness that kept me feeling like I was either going to a. pass out or b. have a heart attack for a solid five days, which I know isn’t that long, but feeling shitty for any length of time is too long. It may have been a panic attack/flu combo because I had body aches, throbbing head, dizzyness and all kinds of physical things coupled with the familiar, awful feeling of anxiety. So, yeah. FUN.

But, thing seem to maybe be calming down here, and I at least feel better, physically. So, soon I will come back with a really great update, but in the meantime, let me know what’s new with you!



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