Publishing Hangover 

Hi guys. Sadly my laptop is in the shop right now for diagnostic work because it will not turn on 😦 Boo. So, following the release of Beach Glass & Other Broken Things, and Chasing Magic I’ve been slacking on writing anyhow, but that still worries me about my computer. I’m hoping my work isn’t lost, because I hardly ever back anything up. Sigh. (And, I know. I know.) 

Re: the publishing hangover thing, that’s exactly what I feel like this last week and a half! I’m super tired, both physically and mentally. I am low on energy, nothing tastes all that great, I’m slumpy and frumpy lol. I don’t want to take off my soft leggings, or leave my house. I’m going to bed before 10pm every night. I’m hardly working out, skipping my afternoon coffee. WHO AM I??? 

I’ve come to the conclusion that following a burst of activity/work I tend to need some downtime. Right now I’m only writing small bits every few days. I know I’ll get back to it soon, hopefully with my laptop! For now, I’m ok with the break. I’m watching Once Upon a Time, reading, and cleaning up my house. 

So I will be back, hopefully with a more exciting update next time 🙂 In the meantime, I’ll be practicing self-care and rejuvenating my creativity in comforting ways. 




One thought on “Publishing Hangover 

  1. That sucks about your computer–and your work. I’m pretty sure that even if your PC dies your data should still be recoverable, at least by an expert. Good luck and enjoy the downtime!


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