Cover Reveal: like waves

I am so happy to finally, FINALLY, share the cover for my upcoming poetry book, like waves! I’ve been waiting for months, and I simply cannot wait any longer! Without further ado…

A collection of poetry by Amanda Linsmeier, like waves dives into the author’s complex relationship with her body, told in three sections: before, during, and after/still. The first part centers around her struggle with low self-esteem and depression, the second throws the reader deep into the years of recurrent miscarriage, and the third, with the acceptance of her own imperfections. 

These poems evoke emotion and offer a deeper understanding of not only the author’s experience within her own skin, but her connection to the bodies and minds of others. This book is a labor of love, blood, and tears, the story of one writer’s journey from girlhood to motherhood, from resentment to gratitude.

I am in love with this cover from Harper Skye Design! And though I’m nervous about releasing a book so personal, I am also very excited. So, with that said…

If you’d like to read some of my already published poems, please click this link

And, you can pre-order the e-book here! Prefer print books? Paperbacks will be out on release day! I’m planning a mid-Auguust release, so I’ll be back with more updates, including info on getting yourself an ARC! Until then, support an indie book and pre-order while it’s on sale for just .99! 😉 
Thank you! 


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