Book Review: It Starts Like This by Shelby Leigh

It Starts Like This: a collection of poetryIt Starts Like This: a collection of poetry by Shelby Leigh

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

It Starts Like This has a great hook—Shelby Leigh wrote a poem every day for a year and decided to publish a poetry book of her favorites after that experience.

There were poems that weren’t my cup of tea because they lacked imagery or sophistication, some I liked enough, and some I absolutely loved, which I thought were really strong. It Starts Like This is a well-done debut poetry collection, and Shelby Leigh has a lot of potential. If she continues writing and ever publishes another book, I anticipate it being even stronger. The emotion and rawness in some of the poems was palpable, and even some I didn’t particularly love I could still appreciate because of the clear heart throughout the book.

In no particular order, I believe the best poems were: Battle Scars, Keepsakes (I love the rhyme here), Sleepwalker, Predator, Bones, Rhymes, and Journal. I think the brief Swearing was my favorite:

I swear
with every kiss
you leave words on my tongue
and every time you break away
I breathe a poem
into my lungs

4 stars for a good collection of poetry. It was dotted throughout with tiny gems I fell in love with, and will definitely read again in future.
Well done.

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