Cover Update: The Peony and the Sun

Happy Saturday! I’m happy to share my new cover for The Peony and the Sun. First, the old cover, which was pretty but didn’t quite fit with the vision I have for my branding:

And now, the new!


All my short story ebooks are getting makeovers! I am geekily excited about the new designs.

More about this story, in case you missed the first introduction.

“There was once a flower who fell in love.”

So begins this short tale of a flower and those around her. The Peony and the Sun is a story, old-fashioned in its telling, about the ways love can grow in different relationships. It is a fable, simply told, about the power of actions over words, the beauty of nature, and the tenderness and strength of the heart. Yet, it is first and foremost a love story, between two flowers, between partners who have lost their way, and between a flower and the little boy who saves her—or tries to. The Peony and the Sun is a bittersweet story about friendship, expectation, and above all, love.

Duration: 19 pages

Estimated Reading Time: approximately 15-30 minutes

Buy it in e-book

Thanks! Enjoy the rest of your weekend ♡♡♡ I’ll be editing. Editing. And editing some more!



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