Yeah, idk. 

But hi guys! I am feeling quite meh but I will say I’m glad to be posting, and I’m sorry it’s been so long. I hope everyone is safe, happy, and healthy. 

So, why meh? I’m not even sure. I just have no zip. It may be partly due to me not refilling my thyroid prescription for the last week (I know. I KNOW). Or just the sense of overwhelm right now. But here’s a brief update on me and my writing:

Witch Lessons: has been professionally edited, and I participated in first #Pitchwars (where I received a full request but ultimately no mentor, though they gave fantastic feedback), and then #PitMad where I got 3 likes! I sent it off to 2 agents, and one passed. Besides those agents, I’ve sent queries to another 15 or so. I’m feeling good about it, and just praying I’ll find someone to fall in love. All the same, I do not enjoy the query process. 

Weightless: revision has been on the back burner while I’ve been focused on WL. And I definitely feel bad about it…

Poetry: I’ve written some new poems for Instagram contests, so that’s good. Also, my poem When My Arms Are Full was nominated for The Best of the Net 2017. I’m still building my collection for my next book. 

Book sales: Have been slow, so here’s a link to my Amazon page in case you’d like to buy this struggling author a cuppa coffee! 😉

Other: Just reading. More book reviews coming! 

Keep your fingers crossed for query success! Have a great day ♡


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