Good Updates & SALE 

Hi guys! It’s been awhile. Is it weird to say I miss you? Because I do! 😘

Just popping in with some small, pretty cool updates. 

1. My Like Waves Goodreads giveaway ended, with nearly 750 entries! Thanks to all who entered. 

2. In the last Twitter pitch party, I recieved like, 16 favs from agents for my Witch Lessons pitch (Please check out my page What I’m Working On to learn more)! Those numbers are including a few likes from smaller publishers and 1 random guy. Lol. So, I sent most of the agents queries, and recieved 1 rejection already but I also got a full request from an absolutely rocking agent so….fingers crossed! 

3.  I participated in the Instagram #childrenofinksept2017 poetry contest and won (1 winner of 10) with this autumn-themed poem: 

4. And to celebrate, I am having a sale! Like Waves is just 99 cents on Kindle (still free on KU) until Wednesday. If you haven’t gotten yourself a copy yet now is a great time! 

5. Finally, I’ll be interviewed tonight on Twitter by Writer Moms! Please search the hashtag #WM_chat to learn more about moi and my writing 🙂 8pm PST. 

Have a great day! I’m off all week because my parents (babysitters) are in PARIS. OMG AM I JEALOUS. I’ll be working on my YA fairytale retelling. 



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