Updating Stories Pt. 1

Hi guys!

I’ve been busy working on my new poetry manuscript, as well as Weightless, but in between those I’ve been re-reading some of my older work, and decided to go ahead and make some updates to improve the stories in general because I have grown as a writer, and I can see where I can fix things now that I’ve had time to improve my craft.  Its mostly small things (like, WHY am filtering so much, or this dialogue could be improved) but a few bigger issues.

The first book I have updated (so far just ebook) is Beach Glass & Other Broken Things. I tweaked the title story, because after pondering it for the last few months I decided I wasn’t the best person to tell Cody’s story as a trans girl. Though I had a sensitivity reader, and I haven’t gotten any negative feedback, somehow in hindsight, it felt icky for me to presume I would know what Cody is going through. Part of being a writer is putting yourself in others’ shoes, but also knowing what is your story to tell and what isn’t. After publishing, it just didn’t sit right with me. This is not about being “politically correct”; it is about not wanting to hurt anyone. I want to be considerate of young people who may be reading this story, who may be struggling with gender-identity, sexuality, or anything else. Though I was glad to strive for diversity in my story, it’s one thing to include a transgender character, and another to use their struggle as a plot point. It’s an important story to tell, but now I know it’s not mine.

I’ve changed a couple other little things, and the ebook is back up and on SALE! Please get a copy for just .99 while the sale lasts through the week.



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