Fan Art!

2017-11-05 12.32.31

Hi guys! So I’m geekily excited to share my first fan art from a friend (and reader) Jamie McLachlan.  I randomly drew one of her characters last week after a looong drawing hiatus, and she was so sweet to draw one of my characters in return! She recently helped edit With Lessons (still out with literary agents woohoo!) and this is how she imagined Thalia, the love interest of one of my protagonists Aya. Isn’t it good? I love the eyes– so intense– just like Thalia!

Don’t forget, too, if you follow me on Instagram and want to create any of your own fan art for me, use the hashtag #amandalinsmeiergiveaway to enter to win a sgned copy of one of my books. There’s more details in my giveaway post. Ends in a few days so get on that 🙂 I’ll be back later with a book review, and more this week.

Have a great Sunday.




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