Revise & Resubmit

Or otherwise known as an R&R. 

What is this? And why am I blogging about it?

First, if you’ve been following you know I’ve been working on my Weightless revision for awhile. I finished about two weeks ago, and began sending out my first batch of queries to literary agents (of this YA version. If you recall, I queried way back in 2016 but that was an entirely different Middle-grade manuscript, basically, and I’ve carefully revised since). I got a quick request for the FULL manuscript from an agent and was super excited. Then. 

The rejection email came, but it wasn’t the typical “not for me” rejection. It had gems such as “lovely writing” and “you have something here” BUT then there were detailed remarks on why agent didn’t fall in love, including serious characterization issues. Gulp. 

I took some time to let it all soak in, because as much as some of the comments caught me off guard, once I thought about it, I realized there ARE issues, and the biggest ones were things I’d never even realized, such as my main character being too “good” in parts, basically devoid of any personality. Yikes. So. Now what? 

The agent invited me to resubmit my manuscript after revising, and I know how great an opportunity that is. It doesn’t mean she’ll accept it even after, but it does mean she sees potential. 

I’ve started making changes, and the easy things were, well, easy to change. But there’s a huge aspect of the story I need to change and I’m struggling. Deep breaths, right? 

Anyway, I’m going to take a few days off from revisions (round 500??) and just read for pleasure. I need to clear my head (So. Much. Confusion) and get inspired to tackle this head-on. Hopefully this time-out will give me fresh eyes to get focused on what needs to be done, and HOW I can do it. 

So wish me luck! XO



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