Book Review: The Goblins of Bellwater by Molly Ringle

The Goblins of Bellwater

I picked this up for the gorgeous cover, and was interested in the premiss. Kit, goblin liason, is stuck stealing for the tricky creatures. When he misses a payment, they tend to get into mischief, stealing people to turn them into goblins…or killing them. As long as you stay off their magical paths and don’t eat their tainted fruits, you’ll be safe. Too bad a young woman named Skye wanders into the forest and gets put under a spell. Part of the enchantment renders her unable to smile, or even speak of the goblins. Her sister Livy thinks she’s suddenly depressed, and turns to Kit for comfort. When Kit’s own cousin Grady gets involved with not just Skye, but those tricky goblins, trouble is ahead, and time is running out before the goblins add another member (or two) to their tribe.

I really enjoyed this! After reading reviews, I can see how some people didn’t get into this, but I loved the weirdness of it. I was slightly confused about the mentions of sex in reviews, because there’s really not much so I think most was removed, and I kind of wish I’d read the earlier version. Shrugs.

If you’re not into creatures, this might be hard to suspend your disbelief, but I liked it. The characters were well-written, the tension believable, and the ending was amazing– the tasks! I loved the nature throughout, and the love Livy shows her sister. I enjoyed that for an adult (or new adult?) fantasy there was no gore, and hardly anything violent. I liked the softness of it, because that seems rare. The very end was a bit too tidy, but that’s ok. Overall 4.5 stars.

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