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DITCH FLOWERS (Penner Publishing, 2015)

Books (Anthologies)

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Short Stories

sonja try four2        PEONY NOT BOLD

Goldfish Wish  The Ginger Collect


Siren Song Kingdoms in the Wild

Beasty  Kingdoms in the Wild

In the Orchard Kingdoms in the Wild

Reincarnation Kingdoms in the Wild

Gaia Kingdoms in the Wild

Thunderstorms Kingdoms in the Wild

I Ask For Love Moonchild Magazine

The Game of Life Literary Mama

From My Body Mothers Always Write

When My Arms Are Full Mothers Always Write

Peaches Feminine Collective

Geraldine Feminine Collective

I Could Have Been In Playboy Feminine Collective

What The Therapist Said Feminine Collective

A Young Girl Feminine Collective

I Was The Third Feminine Collective

Creative Non-Fiction:

Counting Stars Brain, Child Magazine

Book Reviews for Writers News Weekly