What I’m Working On…

Here’s the unpublished manuscripts (works-in-progress) I’m imagining, writing, revising, or querying.

  1. Witch Lessons (status: complete, edited, querying literary agents)

aesthetic wl

Aya Haven is living a lie. Magic hums within her skin, but as a member of a strict religious community she spends her days living a meek, ordinary life, hiding her deepest feelings from even herself. That is, until she meets Thalia, a woman with a secret of her own. She is determined to bring out the magic within Aya by teaching her the illegal art of witchcraft, and the two women become more than student and teacher—they become lovers. Darcy, Aya’s great-grandmother, is also a witch, and a former bra-burning protester turned suburban housewife and mother in the early 1970’s. She loves her husband, but can’t stay away from a handsome, arrogant man she’s not even sure she likes. Darcy finds passion in his arms, while Aya finds inspiration in the pages of Darcy’s journal, and a newfound acceptance in her secret bisexuality.

As their storylines collide with the common tragedy of committing a crime punishable by death, Darcy wrestles with the demons of postpartum depression, while Aya winds up in the center of a witch trial. Each will have to face the darkness and light within themselves, and those around them. Witch Lessons is a weaving of two women’s tales. It is for anyone who believes in the power of magic, and the biggest magic of all—love

     2. Weightless: A Fairytale (status: draft #3, revising)

Weightless is a YA fairytale retelling of George MacDonald’s The Light Princess. Cursed by her fairy godmother’s sister Rayne, Princess Ailsa lives without gravity- and without a lick of sense- and it is up to her fairy godmother Senna and the people around her to try to restore her weight, and bring her back to the compassionate, intelligent person they know she should be. It is only in the water of a nearby lake that Ailsa’s gravity is restored. When Rayne learns of the water’s restorative powers, she causes the lake to drain, and all of Ailsa’s hopes drain along with it. But when a handsome stranger travels to the kingdom and the solution to the dried-up lake is revealed, Ailsa must choose between herself, and for once, someone else. The lake, and therefore her gravity, can be saved, but only if someone else is destroyed—or worse.  Weightless is a hilariously tragic story with heart. It is a tale of love, magic, and a silly, floating princess who learns the true meaning of sacrifice, and ultimately learns to save herself.

     3. Untitled poetry book #2 (status: draft 1 started, still writing new poems, cover reveal soon):

A fairytale-inspired book of poems, broken into four parts: Wicked, Wild, Charmed, and Ever After.

     4. Sparrow & Prose (status: a few scenes written, a vague outline)

A YA fantasy story about two sisters and the magical world they live in. Set in a Gone With The Wind style era (fashion and manners only, definitely no slavery…) meets The Old West. Everyone has powers. Some people also have secrets. 

    5. Untitled poetry book #3 (status: dream-stage)

A book of love poetry. 

    6. Untitled YA fantasy (status: dream-stage)

Deals with ghosts, reincarnation, long-lost love, and a spitfire girl. Set in make-believe Victorian era. Sexy ghost guy protagonist but maybe dual POV. 

    7. Any Other Name (status: dream-stage)

A Romeo & Juliet retelling. But modern. For the YA crowd. Also reincarnation-related. A bit odd. 

    8. The Ways We Collide (status: draft #1 started)

A short story collection, filled with fantasy, fairytales, and fables.