Book Signing

If you’ve been wondering how my first author event went, here ya go.

On October 31st, I made my way to LaDeDa Books for a book signing. I sat in my car for 10 minutes because I’d arrived extra early, afraid I’d somehow be late. I was nervous.


(Awkward selfie)

Seeing this sign on the way in gave me a thrill:


When I went inside, Bev, the owner, immediately made me feel welcome. First, she had me sign 3 copies for customers who couldn’t be there in person. Then, I got to sign the bathroom door (a fun tradition). After that, she led me to a small table with two chairs. I took some books and stacked them while I waited. We weren’t sure how many people would come, if any. These types of events are unpredictable. Plus, it was Halloween. Plus plus, it was cold and rainy.

Well, it didn’t take long for someone to show up. I was happy to see a familiar face, my old writing critique group partner and former professor. We chatted for a little bit and I felt more at ease then. I was also relieved someone had actually come to see little old me!

Well, more people came, including a surprise visit from my bestest out of town friends. I sold 13 copies total and the hour and a half flew by. I’d consider that a succes!


My next event is a book discussion at a public library. I feel more comfortable going into that event, with my feet a little wet from this. Hopefully that goes just as well. I really am glad I got to have a signing at an indie book store. It was fun, and not at all as scary as I’d imagined! One tip I heard- make sure you confirm how to spell names before you write them, just in case you assume wrong! Also, I planned how I woulsld sign, and where. I ended up writing the date, the person’s name, “Happy reading!” and then my signature.

Thanks to Bev for hosting, and to all who came out to support me. Next up: a book discussion next week!