Ditch Flowers

Trouble comes in threes, Grandma CeCe always said…

A baby. Just holding one sets Julia’s heart thumping. She’s wanted a child for so long. When she finally gets pregnant, she’s bursting to tell the world…until a checkup from the doctor confirms a miscarriage.

Julia’s world feels like it’s dissolving. This second tragedy following her father-in-law’s death, shakes her and her husband Greg. To support his mother, they uproot their lives and move to Greg’s childhood home. Under the bright Midwestern sky, Julia can feel a new world and new hope beginning.

But trouble comes in threes, and soon a boy shows up at Julia’s new daycare whose blue eyes and freckled face look eerily like Greg’s. Despite her love for her husband, Julia finds her thoughts haunted by the boy’s face, and she can’t shake the feeling that her husband has a secret.

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Chapter One: Featuring Selections from Penner Publishing’s Authors   

Enjoy Smart Women’s Fiction in this eBook sampler featuring more than a dozen excerpts from Penner Publishing!

In this collection are compelling scenes from the best upmarket women’s fiction and romance available today.

Whether you like your romance sweet or spicy, or your fiction with mysterious twists or tearjerking turns, we have it for you. Ditch Flowers spins a tale that starts at the beginning with the joy and heartache of trying to conceive. While Jo Barney’s Hen Lit features captivating stories about women in their golden years with quite a few adventures left in them. Highly praised Mind of the Phoenix is a gripping psychological thriller. A Thing of Beauty propels you to Regency England to solve a mystery.

Included are excerpts from: MIND OF THE PHOENIX by Jamie McLachlan, EDGE OF NOWHERE by C.H. ARMSTRONG, NATURAL ATTRACTION by Catherine Haustein, DITCH FLOWERS by Amanda Linsmeier, DON’T JUDGE ME and THE SECRET WIDOW by Sylvie Fox, CLEARER IN THE NIGHT by Rebecca Croteau, The Michigan Moonlight Series, featuring: ANIMAL PRINTS, SNOW PRINTS, and FINGER PRINTS by May Williams, and NEVER TOO LATE, THE RUNAWAY, and HER LAST WORDS by Jo Barney.

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The Peony and the Sun

“There was once a flower who fell in love.”

So begins this short tale of a flower and those around her. The Peony and the Sun is a story, old-fashioned in its telling, about the ways love can grow in different relationships. It is a fable, simply told, about the power of actions over words, the beauty of nature, and the tenderness and strength of the heart. Yet, it is first and foremost a love story, between two flowers, between partners who have lost their way, and between a flower and the little boy who saves her—or tries to. The Peony and the Sun is a bittersweet story about friendship, expectation, and above all, love.

Duration: 19 pages
Estimated Reading Time: approximately 15-30 minutes

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A 1,000 word flash fiction story about an overweight girl who finds, and loses, love on the internet, but may end up finding and loving something even more important– herself.

Duration: 10 pages
Estimated Reading Time: approximately 10-15 minutes

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In this short story, Clementine makes an unfortunate discovery, and takes the ultimate sweet revenge on the one who betrayed her.

Duration: 14 pages
Estimated Reading Time: approximately 10-15 minutes

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Erin has one chance to escape before her abusive husband returns home. Her means of transportation? An old bicycle. Her travel companion? Her infant daughter, Stella, strapped to her chest in a baby carrier. Readers of short fiction will enjoy this 2,000-word story full of suspense.

“Packs a powerful punch”– WOW! Women on Writing, on Running, 2013 Flash Fiction Contest

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How to Get Unstuck

A 3,000 word short story about a woman named Marty and how she copes with her break-up from her long-term partner. Will she finally learn to be alone? Or will she inevitably move on to a new relationship– as her ex Raina insists she will because she just “can’t be alone”? When Marty runs into a former student, the attractive, tattooed Shae, she has to fight her desire for companionship…right? Perhaps she’ll be better off on her own, or maybe she’ll stop caring so much about what Raina thinks, and give in to what she really wants.

Duration: 18 Pages

Estimated Reading Time 15-20 minutes

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Beach Glass & Other Broken Things

Beach Glass & Other Broken Things is a collection of twenty-three stories about girls and women on the cusp of self-realization. It highlights the complexities of characters becoming who they really are, from a girl who tracks down her absent father, only to discover he’s made a whole new life without her; to an eighty-four-year-old grandmother falling in love for the first time; to a woman who finds comfort with an unlikely life coach while grieving over her husband’s suicide. Beach Glass & Other Broken Things delves into unimaginable fragility, and unbreakable hope. It celebrates women who are happy or broken, and the ones who save themselves or allow themselves to be saved.

Includes the previously published Rousseau, Running, and How to Get Unstuck.

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