Beach Glass & Other Broken Things: Stories


Beach Glass & Other Broken Things is a collection of twenty-three stories about girls and women on the cusp of self-realization. It highlights the complexities of characters becoming who they really are, from a girl who tracks down her absent father, only to discover he’s made a whole new life without her; to an eighty-four-year-old grandmother falling in love for the first time; to a woman who finds comfort with an unlikely life coach while grieving over her husband’s suicide. Beach Glass & Other Broken Things delves into unimaginable fragility, and unbreakable hope. It celebrates women who are happy or broken, and the ones who save themselves or allow themselves to be saved.

Includes the previously published stories Rousseau, Clementine, Running, and How to Get Unstuck.

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Stories of strength, stories of love, stories of sadness and stories that made me cry because of all of these emotions at once.” -Goodreads Reviewer

This collection of short stories is incredible. I started reading and couldn’t stop.” -Kelly Cain, author of Altered

“Raw and realistic…” -Goodreads Reviewer

“This writer knows how to reach her readers and pull their heartstrings.” -Amazon Reveiwer

“She manages to capture the beauty, fragility, and strength of real life, making the reader laugh out loud and weep within a short space.” -Amazon Reviewer