Like Waves: Poetry

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A collection of poetry by Amanda Linsmeier, Like Waves dives into the author’s complex relationship with her body, told in three sections: Before, During, and After/Still. The first part centers around her struggle with low self-esteem and depression, the second throws the reader deep into the years of recurrent miscarriage, and the third, with the acceptance of her own imperfections.

These poems evoke emotion and offer a deeper understanding of not only the author’s experience within her own skin, but her connection to the bodies and minds of others. This book is a labor of love, blood, and tears, the story of one writer’s journey from girlhood to motherhood, from resentment to gratitude.

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“Linsmeier’s writing is elegant and powerful. ” -Shelby Leigh, author of It Starts Like This 

“A sensitive, beautiful exploration of what it means to be human.” -Bianca M. Schwarz, author of A Thing of Beauty

Amanda Linsmeier always manages to take life’s events and expose them for their brutal truth.” -Jamie McLachlan, author of The Memory Collector Series

“Lovely and thought-provoking. If you love poetry, you’ll love this collection.” –Kelly Cain, author of Altered