“Linsmeier’s writing is eloquent and raw, with a sprinkle of enchantment. Her talent for crafting poetry shines through in this alluring collection.” —–Shelby Leigh, author of It Starts Like This

“In the same way fairy tales speak to us with their wildness, cruelty, and bright hope, Linsemeier’s poems use beautiful imagery of magic and myth to illustrate our everyday human emotions. They soothed and inspired me, for while anxiety and fear are the deep dark forest, the right words are the spell that can fix us, whether we’re the wronged hero or the wicked witch—and of course all of us contain both.” —-Molly Ringle, author of The Goblins of Bellwater

Our Wild Magic is a stunning follow-up to Amanda Linsmeier’s debut poetry collection, Like Waves. Amanda uses the pen as a light to expose the unvarnished truth about all facets of not just the human experience, but her human experience. The same hand that writes about the tragedy of miscarriage is the same hand that writes about the laurels of motherhood and self-love. Amanda does not leave you without water, even as she walks you through the most arid times in her life—and to me, that is the wildest magic of all.” —Marya Layth, author of More Than Bread

“Linsmeier has once again shown her ability to be authentic and honest through Our Wild Magic.” —The Literary Birds @theliterarybirds

Our Wild Magic enchanted me with a magic of its own. Some poems lured me into a mystical world created by the author, while others reached inside me, calling like to like.” —- Jamie McLachlan, author of The Memory Collector Series


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